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Cutting Edge Surgical Technology

A medical device that helps surgeons control bleeding during orthopedic procedures is the Aquamantys® Bipolar Sealer. Created by Medtronic, this device plugs into a radiofrequency energy generator and provides hemostasis (the stopping of blood flow) during surgery. It uses saline to keep the tissue cool while energy is heating it, meaning the tissue is treated at a lower temperature than traditional methods.

Some study results that have been shown with using Aquamantys devices to control bleeding during knee replacement include reduced blood loss, lower transfusion rates, higher postoperative hemoglobin levels, and less drainage output when compared to traditional electrosurgery.1-3

Aquamantys Bipolar Sealer




The Aquamantys Bipolar Sealer is a prescription only device. The use of it in your surgery will be determined by your surgeon, who will ensure you understand the risks of your specific procedure as well as risks specific to the use of an electrosurgical device such as Aquamantys.


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