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Bilateral Knee Replacement in Fargo, ND

Expert Joint Replacement by Dr. Todd Sekundiak

Joint replacement surgeries are becoming more and more common. Gradual wear and tear on a person’s joints is inevitable, and each of us are bound to experience this process in some capacity or another.

This type of gradual deterioration of the joint is called osteoarthritis. The bones begin to rub directly on one another in absence of the cushion that cartilage provides. This can cause a significant amount of pain, and can also greatly limit an individual’s mobility, which is why many eventually choose to undergo some sort of joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Todd Sekundiak specializes in knee replacement surgery including bilateral knee replacements. Learn more, find out if you are a candidate or schedule your consultation today!

Types of Double Knee Replacement Surgery

In the event that both knees require joint replacement surgery, the patient will likely consider whether or not a bilateral knee replacement is right for them. This kind of surgery replaces both knee joints at the same time, occasionally during the very same surgery.

  • Simultaneous Bilateral Knee Replacement – During this particular procedure, both knees joints will be replaced at the same time, one directly after the other.
  • Staged Bilateral Knee Replacement – Some patients opt for a staged knee replacement, which consists of two separate surgeries to partially or entirely restore each knee joint.

What’s the Benefit?

The biggest perks of having a simultaneous bilateral knee replacement are to avoid having two surgeries, which also bypasses the need for double the recoveries. There have been many advancements made in orthopaedic medicine over recent years, but any joint replacement surgery, especially one that involves joints used as frequently as the knees, will require a significant recovery period.

The double knee replacement will need a longer recovery than a single knee replacement, but this scenario can still be more convenient for the patient if they would rather complete the replacements in one fell swoop rather than one after another.

However, a simultaneous double knee replacement can place a large strain on the body. Depending on the particular patient, a staged bilateral knee replacement may be best to allow them time to heal one knee before trying to improve the other.

Best Candidates

A bilateral knee replacement is associated with more risks than an individual knee replacement, which is why your orthopaedic surgeon is only likely to recommend this type of procedure if:

  • You are physically fit.
  • You are in good health.
  • You fully intend to commit to physical therapy sessions or other rehabilitation services once the surgery is complete in order to ensure optimal recovery and future use of the joints.


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